Joe Stump lick 196 bpm


Here is a Joe Stump lick that took me forever to work up to speed:


Cool lick, very Yngwie-esque! Do you know any full songs by Joe Stump? I’d like to study something by him.

PS: if you put the link in a separate line, it’ll embed the video, like so:

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Great playing! Sounds perfectly synchronized to my ears.
That stringskip at the end of the pattern must be pretty tough to nail.

Btw, i think everybody else here was impressed, too. Watched the clip in my uni’s library and didnt realise that my headphones wheren’t plugged in.


Thanks @tommo! I removed the embed example from your post and updated so it’s in the OP instead. @pikman for future reference just pasting the link in a new line should make the auto-embed work :slight_smile:

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Thank you for checking my vid out,I do not k ow any full tunes by Joe Stump at the moment.I appreciate you guys checking it out and for the up about embedding my link.