Joe Stump picking lick

This a great picking exercise, took a while to get this one up to speed. All feedback is welcome.


Sounds great and seems like you got it down to perfection! Great work! Is there anything specific you would like to get feedback on?

I tend to tense up and I am trying to get my wrist more involved but I am so used to using my forearm for a lot of years.I guess if It ain’t broke don’t fix it. It I would love to just use my wrist.Thank you for checking this out.

Hi! Thanks for posting. This isn’t wrist motion, it’s elbow motion. So I wouldn’t worry about getting your wrist “more involved” in this — it’s either involved or it’s not!

Elbow motion is a very capable motion and it’s fast. But it comes with some additional things you need to be aware of. First off, most of the time, elbow motion can only switch strings cleanly when you play a downstroke. Meaning you can only use it to play lines where the last note on the string is a downstroke. If the last note is a upstroke, and you try to move to a new string, you will hit an open string and make noise. You can get around this by using sweeping or pulloffs, or muting the surrounding strings, or just by sticking with lines that fit the downstroke rule.

The thing to keep in mind about Joe’s lines is that they are the opposite of this. When Joe is doing pure alternate, they are almost all upstroke switching lines. So for example if you take the pattern you’re playing here, it’s a six-note pattern and the final note is an upstroke. A very common Yngwie-style thing to do is repeat this pattern as you move across the strings. Say you start on the top string and play the pattern twice, then move to the B string, same spot, play it twice, and so on. Right at the moment when you switch from the E to the B, do you hit the open B?

That’s a simple test you can do. If you don’t hear anything, and it sounds good, then let’s assume you’re either not hitting it or you’re muting without realizing it. Either way, as Joe says in the interview, if it sounds good, it is good.

Just a thing to keep an eye out for as you work on this. Again, elbow motion is fast and powerful and there is no reason to change it if it’s working for the lines you want to play.

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Ok, being tense is of course not good. I, for one, have totally changed my picking motion to something completely different just because of tension. It took some work to get a new motion going and it was frustrating at times. Still, I definitely recommend it if you’re having problems with tension. You can still go back to this if you want.

Thanks Troy,I am going to try that for sure and I appreciate the valuable feedback!

Thank you dude,I appreciate your feedback,i will try that.Thanks for checking my video out.I appreciate that very much.