John Taylor Interview - Will it ever come?



it was a long time ago since I saw the short announcements of the John Taylor Interview on You Tube. I have not heard anything much since then, hence my question: Will it ever come out at all?


It’s been almost 3 years since this upload!
I’ve said it before, but we need another interview. John’s technique and knowledge are far beyond what they were 3 years ago. You could get a HUGE amount more out of him.
But the whole Science of Speed has been a pretty long threatening. I do hope we see all the lab footage some day because it looked really interesting.


The Science of Speed. Coming soon…

What happened to this? I genuinely assumed I’d missed it.

(i guess I DID miss a thread explaining why it didn’t happen)


Yes, same here. Coming soon - and it never came.


I guess this is why CtC doesn’t announce their release schedules - in case something doesn’t come out when they say it will.

I think we will get to see this interview one day.