John West, never heard of but great stuff. Steve Stine on guitar?


just ran across this even though it is from 1998. Pretty much an Yngwie/Rainbow vibe

singer is John West, pretty amazing if maybe 1 ounce generic. Very powerful though

Nice sound with 2 distinctive guitarists, one of which is Steve Stine, who i assume is the internet youtube guy

and here with George Bellas on lead gtr

Dude can sing

Also sang in this progressive band. Slight Graham Bonnet sound at times



John West? Certainly he always sings in tuna.

Think I’m gonna have to go away and workshop this one for a bit.



Scott Stine was one of the guitarists on that record. He was part of that 2nd wave of Shrapnel players that came out around 1994, most of whom got ignored because the grunge thing was raging. He’s got a blistering solo album (on Shrapnel) called ‘Broke’. There’s a whole group of Texas shredders that Varney had at the time (Scott, Derek Taylor, the Haji’s Kitchen Guys), all of whom were amazing. I think the guitar/music scene at the time was just not embracing that stuff. Too bad, because all those guys were doing some pretty unique things .

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Haven’t heard John West mentioned in ages. I have the Artension Phoenix Rising album and he sings really well on that one, an excellent and versatile singer. I don’t remember the guitarist on that but it had some memorable (although keyboard dominated) prog metal songs on it. I think I’ll break that out and have a listen.

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yeah I think the Artension thing was more or less founded by the keyboard guy

its funny I was thinking “gee, why doesnt Yngwie get this guy…it would be a natural fit”. Then I read that indeed he was supposed to sing on one of Yngwies albums but quit after 3 days lol

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