Joshua Voiles/Guitar Acceleration?


I stumbled across this fellow and his program about two weeks ago; on a whim I signed up for the course. It seems to be an intriguing mix of learning strategies pulled from a number of places. Regarding the actual program, it’s more focused on the approach to practice and learning and doesn’t give a lot of deeply technical instruction. I’m seeing lots of overlap. Anyone else have any experience with this?


never heard of him but to me this IS where a lot of our focus should be. Once we have the mental concept of, say, 1way or 2way slanting, the next step is getting it grooved into our fingers etc.

to me, overall learning strategies ARE the battlefield. for example I ran across CTC stuff 4 years ago. So why am I not world class yet?? Because “knowing” and “doing” are 2 different things. We all still need to find the best methods to actually bring these licks up to world class speed


I subscribed yesterday, lets see where it will bring me!