Just a Canadian with a dream

Hey everybody!

So I found Troy Grady and Cracking the Code at the start of quarantine. I would say I was already an advanced player but I used a very legato based style with minimal picking. My alternate picking was intermediate with little to no stamina and more of a “spasm” then any kind of technique. When I found the cracking the code videos on YouTube it was eye opening. I could relate to the struggles and the explanations changed my playing almost overnight.

It was too good to be true. Like if all of those internet and magazine testimonials were actually true. I felt like “this must be what magic pills would feel like”

I jumped from alternate picking at 140bpm for my relaxed fooling around tempo to 170 in the last month. I have just reached 3NPS TWPS at 180bpm for multiple repeats and 4NPS one way slanting both up and down at 200bpm (a ridiculous achievement I never imagine possible) My sweep picking has become my easiest technique and now I find my left hand to be the slower of the two for the first time in my entire playing career.

I am a natural “upward” pickslanter and I am eagerly awaiting my magnet so I can get some help. I do have problems with the downward pickslant, it feels almost like an impossible position and I’m never certain if I’m doing it properly or not lol.

That, on top of the ridiculous gains I’ve made since quarantine thanks entirely to this team was why I ultimately decided to sign up for masters of mechanics. I actually felt guilty not donating anything monetarily to such a life changing project.

Just happy to be here, share and learn with all of you!

Oh, I’ve been playing since grade 7, I have done three lessons in my life, one with Aaron Marshall years ago and two with Brandon Ellis (also during quarantine)

The rest had been me, my protest the hero tab books, guitar pro and hundreds of thousands of hours.


Was jamming the Kezia remaster a couple hours ago, still goes hard!