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I’m from Colorado, been playing guitar for 1.5 years. Took piano lessons in my misspent youth and still play a bit. I’ve been in guitar lessons since I started playing it and have been playing in an adult music school band for almost a year now. I like 90’s alt, grunge, old punk, and if anyone remembers New Wave :slight_smile: I like it, too. But in band we mostly play funk/blues/older rock songs. I play rhythm guitar and also do some solos or fill, and on some songs play hand percussion, keyboard, chromatic percussion (vibes) or sing. Our band currently has 26 (!) songs I am struggling to master.

I play a lot of scales (natural and pentatonic) and found my way here while trying to get faster for some of my lead parts. I’m still pretty slow at 16ths (100-ish on the metronome) but starting to see the things I can really improve with a little work.

Paid for my membership today and getting started on the videos.



Hello fellow mountain person! I try to venture into Colorado frequently, as it’s got amazing outdoors (but so does Utah). Definitely going to Denver for a show in March with my wife, lol.

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Welcome @Whizbang_Yardbird !

Sounds like you are in a really cool band :slight_smile:

Let us know if there’s anything we can help with!

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Glad to have “another chick with a pick” here. Not a lotta those! Welcome!

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:slight_smile: Thanks @Pepepicks66 , I try to venture to Utah in the Fall and Spring when I can!

@tommo, thanks! I feel like I can get my pick moving pretty fast on one string (140 bpm or so 1/16ths) but if I am working on fast licks, it seems like for a while my picking is too slow, then as it catches up, eventually the fretting is where I’m stumbling & have to get more smooth and efficient to get to the next step.

I’m working on the intro for Burning Down the House and More Love (Rebelution), the fretting isn’t bad at all on those two. Also trying to get fast at JJ Cale’s intro lick for After Midnight which is a pentatonic lick and that’s a lot more challenging for me.


Pedro… are you in Utah? I’m from Kaysville, UT! I come up (from Austin) every 6 months or so.

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Yeah, I’m down near Sandy (south SLC)! I had to look up Kaysville since I haven’t gone up to the Ogden area much. What took you to Austin? I’m originally from Houston lol.

Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Hey @Whizbang_Yardbird , hope the work with the band is going well!

Sorry for the big delay in responding to this! I think the best way to give you advice would be to have a videoclip where you show us an example lick / riff where this problem happens.

As a bonus, you could also post a 10-ish second video where you do some fast tremolo picking on a single string (just choose your “favourite” string and pick it fast :slight_smile: )

Filming instructions attached :slight_smile: