Just being aware of this changed my playing INSTANTLY

New member here, just want to say hello to everyone and THANK YOU Troy Grady for shedding light on the concept of pick slanting!

Literally after watching the first intro video and picking up my guitar for 10 minutes I had the biggest AH HA moment with my playing technique ever. Changing strings from a technique perspective makes complete sense now and amazingly I noticed an immediate improvement. I’m looking forward to being a part of this forum and practicing with this new light and applying more of Troy’s concepts.

My only contribution I can give right now is that for me, just being aware and making MINOR adjustments in the pick slant through alternate passages has improved my technique. Right now I do catch myself having to “think” about slant but I’m sure with practice this will become second nature. Thanks again Troy!


I am totally new as well. Troy, I find if I just relax and play something simple like Beaumont rolls over and over I catch my pick in my natural state, slanted a bit downwards. My guess is I should try and hold it more vertical and have that more u shaped double escape like Carl Miner. Do you agree or should I just accept my normal tendency is to downward slant? Just don’t want that to become an issue I have to ‘undo’ when I get better. Thanks this forum is awesome.

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I had the same experience! After years of accepting that I was not cut out to play fast, I now play fast! yay! welcome!

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