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Anyone else just rocking a pedal board and an unremarkable amp? I swear I have a good sound with my Bug 5. I wouldn’t gig with it but I’d definitely record i

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I drive a Vox AC4TV, almost the same amp as the Bugera V5. I love little Class A amps. My pedalboard is mostly homemade, but edge of breakup with no pedals sounds great. I usually just use a reverb, roll off the volume knob for clean, or turn on an OD for extra gain. I like to design and make pedals, but I rarely end up using them.


@induction OMG! I can see that you make your own pedals. How do you know what’s what? I see at least a couple sets that are pretty identical; a foot switch and two knobs, a foot switch and three knobs. Is it all placement?

I guess I just remember. So far no two have exactly identical layouts (I have 3 led colors), so I don’t get confused. They’re all prototypes, and I have a personal relationship with each of them.

I score pretty high on those online autism tests, which also feels relevant.


So cool! Do you have any videos or sound clips to demonstrate the various effects?

LOVE the look of those pedals!

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I have a demo of my reverb pedal that I made when I posted the project online for others to build.

FWIW, I use it in the ‘effects loop’ (aka after the dummy load, and before the slave amp) of my rig, so I can put it after the power tube distortion. I generally like my reverb after distortion, and my delays before distortion.

This demo is from several years ago, before I discovered CTC, and I was concentrating mostly on fingerstyle electric playing. There’s no shredding in the video at all. I don’t think I even used a pick.