King Diamond - Welcome Home first solo

Here’s my take on Pete Blakk’s classic solo from “Welcome Home” by King Diamond. This has always been one of my all-time favorites from King’s catalog. I took some liberties with that last lick, but it sounds close enough. Nothing too fancy with the right hand, but I’m applying a lot of USX for the arpeggios and the fast pentatonic lick at the end.


Great playing man


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Gotta be KD. They were so incredible on this last round of show and I suspect that Andy LaRocque could make for a very interesting CTC interview!

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Wait til’ you see your room, up in the attic!

Awesome playing. Them is my favorite KD release and I always felt that Pete and Andy were one of the all time great guitar duos. It’s too bad that Pete didn’t stay with the band, he was so good.

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Thanks guys! @shredhead7 Yeah I agree, the Blakk/Larocque duo was the best IMO, but Andy’s always been paired with a great player. Mike Wead rips, too.