Know of any CC equivalent for the chording hand?

Hi all, this is not a request for more information here on the left hand. I know the mindset is that there is already a lot out there for that, this is picking hand oriented, and in a month I feel I’ve already progressed a lot, and so have also by working on that have also increased my left-hand note speed.

I’d like to know if any of you have come across any instruction geared towards getting better and faster with chords, not bar chords, but more like jazz and chord melody stuff, beyond the normal wisdom and practice? I keep my fingers close to the fretboard, keep movement down to a minimum, relaxed, etc etc… but anything more “scientific” à la CC?

By any chance? Thanks


I teach my students to practice “hovering” for chords. Meaning, hover your fingers in the shape of the chord over the strings without touching the strings. Once you can do that, drop down touching all the strings simultaneously. You can do this with one chord at a time or switching back and forth between two chords.

What resources have you tried?