Know what would be awesome? (Edit: Brendon Small interview, upcoming second meeting)

An interview with Brendon Small!

It would! Sorry for the delay on this. We’ve been swamped. We just set up another meeting with Brendon in mid August to do some play throughs of tunes. He didn’t have enough time to prepare when we met up last year, and since the conversation was a lot of film and animation nerdery, I really wanted to do more guitar so things are balanced.

He’s going to do Icarus Six Sixty Six from Galaktikon 2, at my suggestion, because it has that excellent 190bpm elbow rhythm part in there which is something he does very well. Then he wants to do a Dethklok tune. Any favorites, let us know and I’ll pass it on.

Any other guitar-related subjects you’d like to see discussed, by all means.