Kree Nakoorie solo cover

Messed up in the end of the soft part but over all pretty happy with how it turned out.


Great job!

One of the things I like about this is the fact you are playing with a plain backing track - and not using Yingjie’s playing to cover yours! For Alcatrazz stuff, not many players are prepared to do that because of the difficulty.

Really think you captured the Yngwie feel too - and tone.

Also sounds like you used pull offs on the descending fours at 12 second mark? (Took me ages to accept he does that!)

What can I say other than I really liked it - great cover.


Kudos on posting a full-length Yngwie solo, that really shows initiative. Your bends are a real strength, that got my attention right away. All the best.


Thank you so much! :smiley: :pray:
The fours came natural to me but when I was younger I thought it was cheating :joy:
I prefer plain backing tracks because then you get to know how you really sound and it’s hard to improve on something you can’t hear.

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Thank you! :smiley: :pray:
I’ve always been aware of bends and I’m constantly working on them. An extra thank you for noticing! :smiley:

Oh I missed you question. Yes I use pull offs when doing the fours. :sweat_smile:

Just WOW. I’m so impressed by the talent here.


Thank you, I’ve been working hard at it! :smiley: :pray: