Leading Edge for Lead, and Trailing Edge for Rhythm?


I recently switched from using a trailing edge grip (I did that for 20 years or so) to a leading edge grip. In less than a couple months, and also by implementing pick slanting techniques, I finally started to feel loose when picking. Something I could never accomplish with trailing edge. My speed has increased, but more importantly I don’t feel trapped all the time.

Anyway, the one aspect of picking that I am still finding very hard with the leading edge angle is rhythm guitar. Also, I seem to get a considerably better tone (for me, at least) when using a trailing edge angle for rhythm.

Is there anything bad/wrong about using two different pick angles for lead and rhythm? Or would you recommend I try to improve my leading edge rhythm technique so that everything is uniform?

Lastly, do you know of any players who are particularly good at rhythm who use trailing edge for it?

Thank you


Cory Wong is one of the best funk rhythm players I know of with trailing edge picking.

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Awesome thanks, I will be sure to check him out. Do you happen to know of anyone who uses 2 different picking edge angles depending on what they are playing?

Unfortunately not, maybe you will be the first one in history :grin:

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Just checked out Cory Wong - amazing!! The whole band he was with killed it. And noticed that very dramatic trailing edge grip

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Why should leading vs. trailing edge be detectable to the ear?