Left Hand Ascending Troubles - EJ 2NPS


I’m finding that my ascending playing speed is behind my descending playing speed (which is probably somewhat normal) however, it seems that the left hand is what’s holding me back.

Does anyone have a good resource for “proper” left hand technique when ascending? Or resources for building left hand dexterity within the context of 2NPS? I find that I have days where my left hand feels incredibly fluid/in sync with my right hand, but most days my left hand cannot keep up (despite applying the concept of chunking, which works GREAT for descending).



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Hey Zach,

The quickest answer is… you can post a video of this specific issue in the Technique Critique section of the Forum :slight_smile: I will link filming instructions below.

Since you are a Masters in Mechanics subscriber, you can also use our new Technique Critique platform, which has guaranteed feedback from the instructors’ team, and various privacy settings (link below).

Before you do that, make sure you watch the lessons and take the tests in the “Testing your motions” and “Tremolo test” sections of the Primer.