Les Paul playing - Good angle

This is a really good angle on Les Paul’s right hand. Oh, and his playing is pretty sick, as well:


A somewhat little known fact about Les Paul. In 1948 he was involved in a bad car accident. His right elbow had to be fused.

He demanded that they position it,so he could still play guitar. Obviously, it didn’t slow him down at all.

But look at all he did, with zero elbow motion available.


Also - Mary Ford was no slouch.


Les Paul amazes me. He was super-fluid on the guitar, was in a popular duo with his wife, but his most important contribution was in multi-track recording. Talk about being one helluva man!

World is Waiting for the Sunrise is probably my favorite Les Paul song, and it has that same view down the guitar neck. Les was a great musician, and the father of the solid-body electric guitar (right?). I must say, those 50’s people looked awesome in their suits.