Lessons by Peter C

Hi all,

As a way to give back to the community, I’d love to return the favor and offer forum members one-to-one skype lessons at a very fair rate.

I can teach you:

  • EJ style economy pentatonics/patterns/variations/runs
  • Solid foundations in vibrato and string bending
  • Basic improv over single chords and progressions
  • Tone-making and above all, how to have fun while learning

You may check out my short tributes playlist here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBySypTY6QjnufTsu0vXTvFaKyHpLunG4

I’m currently on a personal trip down south in Adelaide in South Australia, and currently teach two other students- but I’d love to welcome members here.

You can reach me at [email protected] or through private messages here.

Thanks for reading,


For anyone interested, I’d recommend it. I had a lesson with Peter yesterday and it was a nice compliment to what I’ve learned about EJ in the Cascade seminar. I’ve come away with a really fresh perspective.


Long story short: Just one-and-a-half years ago my confidence in my own guitar playing had hit an all-time low. Despite of having access to excellent CTC material such as Cascade and Volcano, I felt I wasn’t making progress and I wondered what I was doing wrong. I knew something had to change, because I had been in a similar situation before where playing the guitar felt so dreadful and frustrating to me that I stopped playing altogether for a couple of years. I decided to just keep playing, hoping that one day it would somehow click. It didn’t.

However, one fateful day while I was on the CTC forum I stumbled upon a cover of Eric Johnson’s Cliffs of Dover (soon followed by Lonely in the Night) by some Korean guy named Peter C. After listening to his EJ covers, I was completely dumbstruck. As an Eric Johnson fan I was already familiar with several EJ Youtube covers, but they had never sounded quite like this. I thought to myself: if anyone besides EJ can help me to gain some insight in what goes into this kind of playing, it has to be Peter C.

I contacted Peter, and he thankfully accepted me as a student – which I still am for 75+ weeks straight, without missing a single lesson.

So what did Peter manage to do?

He helped me to make more progress in two years than I had in the ten previous ones combined
He helped me rediscover the joy of playing the guitar
He taught me the ins and outs of all his playing, including his EJ covers: tabs, phrasing, sounds, techniques, chords, improvisation methods, practice methods, bending, vibrato, economy picking, speed playing, right hand control and left hand control, gear etc.
He helped me get through the dreaded speed barriers where I could barely play fives at 130bpm 16ths to being able to play them at 180+ bpm.
He saved me thousands of dollars by preventing me falling victim to GAS by guiding me to buy the stuff I ACTUALLY need, instead of wasting money on the stuff I THINK I need to sound good
He vastly improved my technique, sound, gear, setup and confidence

Will it be hard work? Absolutely. Even EJ has to work at being EJ, let alone us mere mortals. Peter C however proves that it can be done and is able to explain how to get there as the excellent teacher that he is.

I cannot recommend Peter enough as a teacher.

If you feel you are currently stuck, if you feel that your fundamentals like vibrato, left hand and right hand technique/control could use a (big) upgrade, if you want to be able to understand what is really needed to play EJ’s stuff and if you want to save a couple of thousand of dollars in gear spending, my advice is: take lessons with Peter. I did and it was the best decision in terms of my guitar playing I’ve ever made.


Hi Peter! I am curious, what is your fundamental picking mechanic? I ask because I’m trying to tweak mine to get to that table-knocking speed and am having some trouble. I’m not great at picking them out, and I couldn’t tell from the videos

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Thank you gents for the kind words. Can’t thank you enough.

@mattc_guitar : Thanks for the inquiry. To keep it simple, I focus on the most basic economy picking fives pattern (you may have heard them notated in DDuD fashion here), and even more importantly, striking and embellishing each stroke and note with deliberation and care so that every one of those fast notes sounds good. Sounding good is my end goal.

Mechanics wise, I’m not very good with the technical lingo and I won’t pretend to be. Troy and CTC have that down to a T. That’s not my forte.

For what I do, I don’t think it’s necessary, and the basic economy mechanics combined with cleverly placed alterations like pull offs, hammer-ons, and slides also keep you free from the more rigid alternate picking components (which are in economy picking as well), and give you a more expressive style beyond the linear feel of a technique-only approach.

I haven’t seen your videos (but would love to!) so I’m hesitant to say what the reason might be, but for example, Niko above had similar problems and we threw the whole kitchen sink at it starting from modifying the grip slightly and other non-obvious modifications. You may need the whole thing or you may not, but I’d be happy to work with you to solve your troubles.


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