Lessons/Consultations via Zoom/Skype

Hello Everybody,

I would like to announce I am available for lessons or technical consultations via Zoom or Skype. My rates are very fair. I would accept payment through PayPal or Revolut.

I cannot currently commit to regularly scheduled lessons. Instead, I am available for standalone or sporadic lessons or technical consultations. I am based in Ireland (GMT). I can try to accommodate your timezone and schedule to arrange mutually suitable times.

Many of you are familiar with the posts I have written on this forum. You may have also seen some of the lesson videos I have made and shared here.

For those of you who less familiar with me, I have earned a reputation for having a critical eye for details and for thorough analysis. I have been playing guitar (electric and steels-string acoustic) for over 20 years. I developed a high level of playing technique as a teenager, and my technical development has continued through careful study of my favourite players (including Eric Johnson, Allan Holdsworth and Shawn Lane) and through learning to imitate their methods.

I have developed an understanding of the anatomy of the hands, and I have learned how our anatomy impacts upon our guitar playing. In particular, I’m known for my study of positioning and mechanics for the fretting hand, including efficiency concerns and optimisations.

I have limited experience as a guitar teacher, but I am a university lecturer by profession and I have a lot of experience in teaching and explaining complex topics and ideas.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.



Nice Tom. I’d highly recommend Calendly as a great tool for booking a la carte sessions. Once set up, anyone interested can simply book and pay through a calendly link you provide. Take it from the vets - spending time sorting out scheduling and making sure your fee comes in is a real drag when you could be doing something else with that time.


Thank you for the tip @JakeEstner!

Hi Tom. I’d love to set something up. Let’s chat about. Email me @ bigragu7@gmail.com

Best regards,
David Arquilla

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Hi @Mcgaffer12 , I’ve sent you an email.


Hey Tom, that’s awesome!

As an unsolicited suggestion, I’d recommend to set up an email account dedicated exclusively to this [ like theawesomestguitarteacher@gmail.com ], so you can keep your personal / other job email inbox clean — and so that you don’t have to share too much about your identity when “advertising” this online :slight_smile:


Hi @tommo,

That might be a good idea. Here’s to hoping I get enough interest to warrant it!


I had a terrific consultation with you, you will get plenty of interest! Might I add i also love the word consultation over the word lesson! Cheers


I would like your help. What is the best way to contact you to arrange Skype or zoom lessons?


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Hi @skypig70 , I’ve sent you a private message with my email address.