Light hearted look at the favorite phrases of the interviewees

Hi ya’all – after watching several of the CTC interviews, I’ve noticed everyone person has their favorite spoken, go to phrase (I"m talking about talking not music. So, I’ve started a list. Note: this is supposed to be a lighthearted observation – I’m not trying to make fun of these great players. Please add other phrases from the interviews!

Molly Tuttle “Yeah!”
Jorge: “that’s right”
Carl Miner: “sure”
Troy: "mechanic"
Joscho Stephen: “that’s it!” and “technique”
Teemu: “ummm…”

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Marty Friedman “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” :grin:

I am currently watching it (again and again…)

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Jimmy Bruno - “I don’t know…” In response to Troy asking “where did you learn that?”