Lindsey Buckingham Using Fast Arpeggios In A Musical Context

Have you gotten your fast, one note per string arpeggios down? How about writing a song using just them and singing at the same time? This is the most musical use of fast arpeggios I’ve seen. Lindsey Buckingham takes things to another level here.


And Travis picking to boot.

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This is generally great, but something weird happens at around the 2:20 mark: the fast arpeggios start very clean but quickly become a bit muddy and almost turn into strums after a few bars.

I wonder if he’s using a technique that’s too physically demanding for that part, and hence it breaks down after a short time (and of course due to the additional challenge of singing).

That sounded pretty intentional to me. I assumed it was just theme and variation.

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What’s with the Pretensions and faux Tourette’s display at the end? This ain’t rock and roll…this is Californiacide…

For me, the best Lindsey only version of “Big Love” is from the reunion album and home video ‘The Dance’. THAT version is amazing. I learned it and it was a real workout for the right hand for sure…