Live notifications

Hey guys

Is there a way to use live notifications on safari on iPhone?

Hey, good question. I believe this is the current state of mobile notifications for Discourse, the forum software we use here:

There is a Discourse iOS app that is basically a wrapper for using the forum in a mobile browser, with some limited notifications capabilities. It seems that at the moment it doesn’t provide full push notifications, but you can view notifications a bit more easily when you open the app. I do use this and, if nothing else, it’s a nice shortcut if you use the forum often.

From what I can tell (though no personal experience) notifications work a bit better with Android, just using the regular mobile browser. I think this is something you can turn on from Preferences > Notifications, the “Live Notifications” setting. There is a Discourse app for Android as well but I think it’s similar the the iOS app and doesn’t support native push notifications either.

There are also a bunch of user options you can set re: notifications — go to your preferences (gear icon in your user menu in the upper right), and see the tabs for “Emails” as well as “Notifications”. You can adjust things like:

  • What sort of actions trigger an email notification
  • How often you want to get an automated summary of forum activity
  • If there are specific categories you want to watch more closely or mute from notifications

By default you should get email notifications for important actions like messages, replies, and direct mentions, whenever you’re not currently active on the site.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Brendan

I think I understood half of that :joy:

No probs good to know :+1:t3:

Ha no problem sorry if that’s excessive detail, I’m probably kind of odd in that I often actually enjoy reading the manual / obscure details of software documentation.

TL;DR: no full support for mobile push notifications, but worth giving the mobile app a try, and perhaps tweaking your preferences if you want more (or fewer) notifications :smiley: