Logic Pro X Pro's?

Hi, everybody!

I came back to my project after not having touched it for six months and the timing and tempo is not lining up properly. It’s like the different tracks are in different tempos. I don’t understand it. It’s a problem with the tempo or the tempo track or something else.

It was fine before. I previously exported a demo of the tune without these issues.

It might require goin over skype or zoom or something and if you think you can help, I can pay you for the session.

Hey, I’m a long time Logic user so hopefully I can help out. Can you give a little more info about your project?
Are there audio tracks, virtual instrument tracks, or a mix of both?
What version of logic are you using?
Do you see the word KEEP, ADAPT, or AUTO under your tempo number in the top toolbar?

This is just a guess but if you have both audio and virtual instrument tracks in your session and change the project tempo, then the virtual instruments will change tempo along with the project and get out of sync with your audio tracks which stay at the speed they were when you recorded them.

If I don’t have a solid answer after knowing other details then I’d be happy to jump on a video call. I’m sure we could knock it out in a few minutes if you haven’t already.

There are audio tracks and instrument tracks from DKFH.

Logic Pro X 10.4.8.

Yes, the keep appears under the tempo.

I’m starting to think I should use ProTools so that I can use ProTools cloud so I can collaborate with other musicians who are using ProTools.

I’m switching to ProTools. Logic is too hard.

I would like to find a tech who can help me with how to connect my Axe-Fx to the computer, record tracks in Logic, etc.

I am looking for professional help.

Thank you.

(Avid sucks. I can’t believe how awful they are.)

My biggest source of confusion seems to be with the Focusrite Control interface to control signal flow.

I am using, SPDIF 2 way connection to the Axe-Fx

Guitar ---> Scarlett <--[SPDIF]--> Axe-Fx II  

Axe-FX <--[USB]--> iMac
Scarlett <--[USB]--> iMac 

I’m going to try booking more Lessonface people. I can’t believe it’s so hard to figure this out.

The Focusrite Control is very challenging to understand.

I wish I could find a website that has tutors that I can book to help me with engineering.

I’m doing the Lynda crash course on Logic. It’s very general purpose and I am skeptical that will cover what I need in sufficient depth.

Where can I find a tutor for it? I’m not asking for free help.

Bump again… Wasted another day not being able to record. This is getting way too expensive.

Hmm can try tagging @TokinoGuitar here again, but there just may not be many folks on here available for this kind of thing.

Any luck w/ forums more specific to Logic / audio engineering? I’m not real familiar with any of these specifically, but seems like many out there e.g.

Here’s one other I think newer, and very active forum I’ve poked around a bit…looks like a great community, could be useful here:

I’m finally recording stuff.