Looking for fast finger bass players

Hi everyone!

I am looking for bass players that can play fast with their fingers. I already know a couple and I´d like to hear your recommendations.

Here´s my list as of now:

Billy Sheehan
Gary Willis
Hadrien Ferault
John Myung
Mohini Dey
Richard Bona
TM Stevens
Tom Kennedy

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions!


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Hey there! Felipe Andreoli (the bassist from Angra) is pretty rippin’ :slight_smile:

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Not sure about that video as his left hand isn’t doing much. I play bass and guitar about 50% each and that kind of stuff is the equivalent of tremolo picking. The Jaco jazz lines and anything with complicated ghost notes are way harder. I think I can do some Jaco stuff at a piddly 110 bpm (16th notes )and that’s hard to do. Janet, Hadrien and a lot of the modern jazz guys are monsters.

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I liked the video for the slow motion and also because it illustrates that one can play fast and still sound “sloppy” in a way, since the hands are not synchronized.

I think I kind of made the same observation that you mention here. There seems to be a speed limit with finger playing that is lower than playing with a pick. Not even Billy (who is my GOD) seems to be able to pull of synchronized licks/ runs of a certain speed. I think he very often reverts to “tremolo picking” with the fingers. The fastest player that I have found yet who does synchronized playing is Hadrien. He blows my mind.

Who is Janet?

Lotsa good players in there!

Linley Marthe, Bubby Lewis and Thundercat are three that come to mind that aren’t listed.

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I’m guessing Janet = Janek Gwizdala.