Looking for Qualified Teacher

Hi All,

I’ve been working on the Yngwie session, on and off, for about 2 months now. Really trying to get the DWPS mechanics to sink in. I feel I need a qualified instructor to get me to the promise land. Does anyone know of any qualified teachers in the Austin, Texas area for this technique? I have been to several teachers in the past, but was not satisfied with their approach. It was like: well, what guitar solo do you want to learn?


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Hello and welcome! I’m not sure re: teacher suggestions, but just did a quick search for other forum members in your area, tagging in case they may have ideas — @millionrainbows @Absenth

If you don’t have luck finding someone locally, Skype lessons could be an option as well, we do have a good number of teachers here on the forum and I know some do remote video lessons. See for example: