Lucretia: Marty vs Dave

Hi all!

I made this video a while ago and thought it worth sharing here. I’ve been playing guitar for 30+ yrs and was heavily influenced by Frank Gambale in my younger days sofar as my picking technique is concerned. I used to sweep pick EVERYTHING because I always felt my alternate was never good or fast enough. Over the years my right hand evolved into a mishmash of economy and alternate whereby I don’t consciously think about how to pick, it just kinda happens. Unfortunately its gotten me into terrible messes sometimes, especially on complex stuff…

When I made this vid, I focused very hard on Martys solo, and added Dave’s part as an afterthought. And boy did it trip me up. Dave does NOT get enough credit for his shredding parts, it took me an age to get it up to speed and still there are some bum notes. You will notice in quite a few sections I still do hammerons/pulloffs or economy slanting where I just cant get the alternate fast enough.

Thanks for watching !


Nice one!!
Awesome stuff.
Love that song.
Love them solos.

Good job.

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Thanks man ! Really appreciate it :slight_smile: