Lysander technique critique thread

Spinning this off from my other thread to keep things cleaner, here is a video of my picking 4nps just a hair above 160 bpm.
This is using the trigger grip which I have just converted too.
It’s not as clean as I would like to be honest, and it took a few takes, hopefully this will become more fluent.


It looks good, nice solld upward escaped stroke.

As far as getting faster and cleaner, I would try playing around with different mechanics. Honestly, that’s the easiest way I’ve found to get past any plateau. experimenting with other mechanics… forearm rotation, thumb movements, etc. Sorry I can’t offer super technical analysis, but that is what Troy is for.


I’ve been going through the EJ seminar clips one by one trying to get them close to top speed, this one is giving me a lot of trouble for some reason, I’m struggling to get the last 4 notes clean at speed

Not entirely sure if the issue is with my left or right hand but it tends to sound messy and dead - I must have spent at least an hour on that chunk so far. Will keep at it.

Solved my issue and posted a related discussion here:

This is actually related to something I’m working on myself and I’ve arrived at a similar conclusion. Maybe it’s just the result of doing lots of index-middle-ring finger triple hammer-ons and pull-offs for 20 years but I find those 3 fingers to be the most reliable in almost any context IF they’re usable.

Lots of stuff falls apart for me when I have to rely on my pinky and ring finger in quick succession and I’m realizing it’s possible to just use either or and have it work out.