MAB 2 nps and descending 2nps

Hey! I’ve been wondering how MAB tackles this repeating 2nps on 2 strings and then descending across 4 strings with 2nps and eventually all 6 strings, is it DSX motion with swiping and secondary motion?
Normally these descending 2nps starting on downstroke would require USX motion,
I’ve always found interesting how he seems to have no limits in his picking despite being a mainly DSX player. I’m assuming when he is only descending with these patterns, he uses swiping and DSX motion, and in the 2 string playing he adds secondary motion when he needs to ascend briefly.

I’m refering to the section starting at 03:50 and ending at around 4:02 minutes:

Here’s another example of that same section:

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If he starts on a downstroke, the I would probably agree that he’s either using swiping or a secondary helper motion (or both) to play 2nps lines. However, if he starts on an upstroke he could be playing it using just DSX

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