Magnet building instructions

Where can I find the magnet building instructions? The link I found says it’s no longer for sale.

The kickstarter finished, so as of now you can’t order one. I’m not sure if it’s gonna be for sale again in the future (or maybe there will be a used market from members)?

But for the DIY instructions I mean, are those out there still?

Here is the easiest cheapest temporary solution:

I use a Triad-Orbit M2 clamp that I already had and a Phone holder from Woohot that I found on amazon.

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Nice hack!

No we took them down. The models we had on Shapeways are old and don’t reflect the most recent design changes anyway, including the locking strap. More generally, the DIY thing was always an annoying half measure, more expensive and works less well than the prototypes we’ve been getting lately. So we’re excited to move to the smooth-functioning factory-made Magnet we’ve wanted for years now.

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Do you have a photo of that setup?

Here it is:

Oh interesting. Do you feel like the clamp has a good distribution of pressure on the sides of the fretboard and sufficient cushion to not really risk damaging the wood/finish?

I’ve been using it for about 2 months maybe 3 times a week and no marks anywhere on the fretboard or neck. The clamp is lined with semi-soft rubber that is really grippy, so you don’t have to tighten it to the point of compressing any wood.

I was less worried to try it than most, since my guitar was less than $200 bucks new and I have pretty much modified everything anyway. I’ve done way more radical stuff to this guitar than clamp a phone to it :grin: