Magnet eureka moment (Apple users PSA)

Many people may already know this, but I just had an important realisation that might be useful for those who have an iPhone and a Mac computer (especially if you own a magnet)

You can mirror the iPhone on another computer (from the swipe down control centre settings on the iPhone)

I have been trying to develop wrist motion and had been recording myself on my phone, then taking the phone out, reviewing the video and adjusting. Instead, I could just be watching myself on screen by mirroring the iPhone to my Mac and adjusting my technique live. Duh! Way more efficient.

Hope someone might find this useful


This is cool! But as a device to learn a new technique, you have to be careful not to become overly dependent on watching your hand on the screen.

I.e. make sure you can also do the thing without the real-time visual feedback

Absolutely. I’ll be using it to know when what I’m feeling is actually the correct form. Having to take off the phone each time to check makes it more likely I’ve forgotten exactly what I was doing/feeling.

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