Magnet Update: Prototypes Arrive!

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Looking good, I will buy one when it’s all sorted. Recording close ups can be such a pain in the ass with normal mounts.


Woop woop! Can’t wait!


Had mine for years. :slight_smile: Love it! It absolutely helped me learn USX DSX and DBX properly, by running cable from the phone to my mac screen to have immediate close up and slow mo feedback. (Yes, it’s better than a mirror) :wink:

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Cool! If you feel like sharing more details of your setup & workflow it would be great! I’d certainly steal some ideas:)

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I’ve done this. Two things. There’s typically some latency here in the lightning cable method which can make it a little odd.

However, more importantly, I don’t really recommend trying to watch yourself in a mirror or on a screen as you learn picking motions. If you’re lucky, and learn something, you still tend to become dependent on the mirror to establish the form, essentially learning “mirror picking”.

More commonly, you end up spending too much time micromanaging what something looks like instead of what it feels like, frequently tricking yourself into thinking you’re making progress when you’re really not. If it’s not fast and smooth, by feel, without looking at it, it’s usually not right and you’re better off trying something different — again, by feel — until you land on something that works.


im hoping we’ll all be able to order this outright… eventually

Sup @tommo!

Sure! hopefully this (albeit convoluted) pic shows the setup.

Hand → Magnet + Phone → lightning cable → USB port → Quicktime ‘Movie Recording’, using iPhone as the camera. :slight_smile:


Hail @Troy! :slight_smile:

Yes, fully understood and agreed… kinda… :slight_smile: I might evaluate the pros and cons (which I know you’re fully aware of) slightly differently, because searching for reliable & replicable results purely and solely by feel has never worked for me… especially with teachers giving bad info along the way… I wish pure feel did work and that I figured this out in 2 months, like Carl Miner :slight_smile: … But I swear to you that using this process & setup immediately before- (to objectively establish the form setup) and immediately after- (to evaluate objectively) playing something by feel, helps my brain by taking the guesswork out of the ‘feeling it out’.

In no way am I throwing out the feel aspect here. It’s an “also”, not an “instead”.

Very importantly, I use this setup as an ‘instant replay’ feature… not exactly a mirror with slight latency… :slight_smile: (although lag is really minimal on my setup). So when things “feel good or bad” I can immediately and objectively get to the bottom of what I just did, without having to take the phone out of the magnet and fiddle with it and then put it back in, only then trying to re-establish the exact hand position I was in and replicate the motion etc… that kills the flow and productivity of what the magnet makes possible…

Not guilty! :slight_smile: … But fair enough, I understand how that’d happen… We may just be standing on opposite ends of approaches, like how actors debate the ‘feel, then do’ vs ‘do, then feel’ methods… When I adopt the mechanics described on CTC, check the starting position with this setup, play something to see how it feels, then have an instant replay on a large screen to objectively notice any visual evidence of what felt right or wrong (e.g. that phrase felt great and fast but I didn’t realise I was swiping ever so slightly, so should increase the motion angle by a fraction), then I can more confidently practice and articulate the motion before the full comfort of muscle memory sets in. It’s great for noticing bad habits that feel very comfortable. It’s even better for figuring out what’s wrong with “not so bad” habits that have plateaued.

I love my magnet setup. :heart: :smiley:

All hail @Troy

Ooh, it’s been awhile! I’d forgotten about the kickstarter. I love mine built from kit, now years ago… Looking forward to the release. I always end up missing the “send us your address” step. Mine hasn’t changed and I wish Kickstarter would go by that. But anyhow, thanks for yelling loudly when it’s required. :slight_smile: Cheers, D

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Nice one! I’ll make sure to pick up a magnet as soon as it’s available. :love_you_gesture:

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Being that it is now going on October, has there been any further word?

DirtyPower, where did you get yours?

I bought the 3D printing instructions from Troy / CTC when they sold them on Gumroad in 2016… There was A LOT of work, to sourcing all the individual extra parts and screws, which had to be ordered from hardware manufacturers, at specific inch sizes (not mm / cm as were the norm here in Europe…). I took those parts to specific tradespeople and had them cut metal rods down to the sizes specified in the instructions etc… cut the rubber grips myself etc… the whole thing was a mission (especially for someone like me - never built anything in my life except a treehouse as a kid), but “where there’s a will” etc. :smiley:

Damn, thats a lot of commitment, well done. How has it helped your playing if at all? It looks to me to be a game changer of a tool.

Thanks :smiley: yeah, it was a worthwhile ordeal… but I understand how not everyone’s gonna wanna go through all that…

It was a huge help for loads of reasons. Mainly to get the no nonsense feedback on what you’re doing - not what it feels like you’re doing, these two had to go hand in hand for me. I spotted mini tensions in my thumb & wrist, some swiping that was imperceptible otherwise, along with muscle memory patterns than had to be undone and (even though Troy argues against it) I really liked having a hyper-zoomed live feed via lightning cable to my big screen.

Other benefits included motivation etc. As in, even if it takes a long time, if I’m following the CTC methods, it will work eventually. It took me a medium amount of time.