Making progress with Technical Difficulties

I think my picking has come a long way in the last year - I’ve been working on cleaning up the Technical Difficulties intro.

I’llhave to try and get a good angle since I don’t have a magnet, but what it feels like and what I’m consciously trying to do is slightly pronate on the lower strings and rotate my forearm a bit right about at the A string. My picking form is combination forearm escape on upstroke and wrist extension on downstroke, the degree of each changes a bit on lower vs higher strings because of the change in pronation/supination, but it feels like I’m using those motions the whole time.


That’s sounding awesome. I’d love to see that magnet style!

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I agree! Great playing!


Got a take playing along with a track - I layered in a DI track but left the dogs barking in the background for authenticity lol