Making the Code practical

Hey guys, I’ve been using cracking the code for a while now and I love the amount of content, but I feel like I struggle making it practical to my playing and even my practice routine. I’ve got my tremolo going decently fast but other than that I feel like I’ve been stuck. I feel like I have not practiced enough bc I have sort of option paralysis. Like there’s so much there’s no one clear path. Has anyone experienced something similar and been able to break through using cracking the code? I would love to hear your strategies on how to improve. Thank you so much!

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Hey there!

From your post, I get the sense that you would benefit from some concrete objectives.

In a nutshell, I would recommend to ditch the concept of abstract practice routines / exercises and go directly to some pieces of music you want to learn (riffs, licks, songs, solos, etc.).

In these, you will likely find “difficult” passages that can become your practice material. By “practice” I don’t mean mindless repetition, but thoughtful problem-solving.

On the picking side of things, it helps if you are aware of what you motions are and what are the associated strengths/limitations. Then, you’ll be able to figure out why certain passages are difficult and perhaps find mechanical solutions that fit your current picking technique (changing the fretting, using sweeping / pulloffs in strategic places, etc.)

If you are unsure about your motions, then I would suggest to start by creating a technique critique (either on the forum or on the platform):