Malmsteen JPM 1987 details?

Hi guys, I’m trying to spec out a new rig and need some help on the various models he uses. I’ve heard him refer to one as the holy grail, can’t seem to find the article anymore.

Does anybody here know about whether it’s a 72’ or 73’, also what the differences are.

Thanks in advance!

u gotta be something like a scientist/historian to really follow all of the Marshall models thru the years

this guys channel has tons of vids where he compares the various Marshalls and speakers etc


Very true JonJon!

Had no idea marshalls were this complicated.

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Outstanding tone !!!
Thank you for sharing this video !


50w MK-II from 1972, aka 1987x. Marshall has a reissue. Unless you plan on playing one on 100% volume all the time, get something more practical.

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I’m getting one made by Ceriatone. They make some killer stuff Guitarist Magazine - Ceriatone

Basically, this would be the '72 JMP 50W Lead, with:
a) Bright switch (push pull) - standard feature
b) V2A bypass cap (push pul)
c) NFB switch (toggle at back)
d) Buffered loop (with switch, at back)
e) 1/2 power switch - at the back, standard feature

The tubes are EL34s, with 12AX7s.
Ie, this is a vintage Marshall, 1987 circuit, '73 era, with mods above.

I’ll be running this amp 100% if needed, I’m based out on a farm and have the space to run it in another room miced till I get a wazza tube amp expander or something similar. Plus this has a 1/2 switch.

My other options were a BE100Deluxe, SLO100, and some other modern takes with lots of options.

I wanted to get as close to that 70s sound, hendrix, SRV … Malmsteen with the right OD etc.

I do plan to get the SLO100 at a later date.

I’m hope I’m not crazy to do this.

on occasion I get into an “im gonna really look into boutique amps” vibe. After a while my head just spins because there is so much out there

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