Many, many sincere thanks

Thank you so much, @Troy and @tommo for the site and the comments on my technique, and for the introduction to new (to me) artists.

When I introduced myself, I said that I was a veteran hobbyist trying to play Bluegrass and my existing economy technique
a) hurt my elbow
b) didn’t sound right
Well, I’m far from mastering my new double-escape technique, but it doesn’t hurt my elbow and sounds much better.

I’m an old fart and I don’t listen to new music very much. I love everything that Clapton did, before 1971 :-). Sure, I new about Al Di Meola and Mike Stern. But I am deeply indebted to this site for introducing me to Andy Wood and Oz Noy, among many others.

There’s a recent thread on here something like “does this site really make a difference in your playing”? My answer is absolutely yes. I took a few lessons along my path, mostly on music theory and harmony. Might I have stumbled across a teacher that new about the various picking techniques discussed here? Maybe, but I’m glad I finally got some instruction here.

May all creatures be well and happy,
Jim Lewis


Oh thank you for the note @jllewi! Reading this is a nice conclusion to my week :smiley: