Master of mechanics suggestion: Marco Sfogli

Firstly - I love Cracking the Code! It has helped me more to understand what I’m trying to do with the instrument in a couple of months than I’ve achieved by twenty years of practise. Amazing!

Since a couple of years I’m a big fan of Marco Sfogli who seems to able to pick anything superfast and clean, but also has great legato technique and phrasing overall.

By the videos I’ve seen of him playing up close it’s hard to tell if he’s using pickslanting. A master of mechanics episode with Marco would be a real treat! Just a suggestion…

Greetings from Sweden!




Can you provide a few youtube examples of the techniques he uses? (Just copypaste the youtube address on an isolated line and the video will automatically embed).

I’m sure many forummers would be happy to have a look and make some educated guesses as to what he may be doing!

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Marco rules - sort of between Petrucci and Timmons stylistic, with awesome tone and phrasing. I love this video:

This has some pretty good CtC friendly camera angle. Looks like maybe a bit of a double-escape to his pickstroke? It seems to curve in both directions. He actually doens’t do a TON of straight-ahead alternate picked scale runs, though.


Welcome David and thanks for the suggestion! We’ve definitely gotten a few requests for Marco and he’s on our radar. We’ll have to see if he’s coming through NYC at some point. And as others have mentioned we can certainly talk more about his technique here :slight_smile:

“Slightly Out of Reach” is just a monster solo!! Would love to see an interview.