Materials for exercises

I am looking for songs in which the combination of two keys is used
but it’s about the halftone distance for example key of C and B ( or C# )
and triton.
it’s about two keys that have the least common notes.

I do not need whole songs,fragments in which such connections were used
will be sufficient,just materials for exercises,any genre :slight_smile:

Is it possible that this happens in “So what” by Miles Davis? Or was it a whole tone? :thinking:

Hey, can you update the topic title here to be more descriptive? And maybe include some concrete examples (YouTube videos or otherwise) in your post? I think it’d be helpful to make it more clear what exactly you’re looking for and why. Thanks!

Correct. D minor and E-flat minor in AABA form, 8 bars each.

D Dorian and Eb Dorian to be precise.

I mean, you can do this on your own easily enough - it’s probably rare in popular music, but there’s no reason you can’t either use a looper or some simple recording software (even garage band) to record a vamp of two unrelated chords, and improvise over them.