Maybe an angle pad grip lessens stringhopping

After experimenting with different pick grips, I think that I striinghop less with more of an angle pad grip. This is combined with a DSX motion. When using a trigger style grip my hand and forearm easily slips into rotating rather than an up and down motion.
Has anyone else found this? Not sure if it is one of the many breakthroughs that work for an hour or so, then its back to square one tomorrow.

My best guess is that the new grip has allowed you to find a “new” (or slightly different) motion.

In fact, we often recommend trying new grips when one feels stuck, precisely because things like that can happen :slight_smile:

But in general I would say that you can stringhop or be efficient with pretty much any grip.

Have you thought about trying a forearm rotation technique as well as your wrist technique, to understand the rotation as a separate movement? New grips always take time to get smooth, so trying two things could be easier than trying one.

Thanks for the advice. I will continue to experiment. It is very easy to slip back into stringhopping. The angle pad grip with my fingers slightly extended does seem to help though.