Membership downloads

I’m a full member and I’m wondering if there is a way to download the videos so that I can watch them offline, while riding in the bus, etc without a good cell or wifi signal. I see that some of the acoustic\bluegrass vids are downloadable to me for free but the seminars aren’t. Does the membership only enable me to stream the vids?

Thanks. Love the work you’re doing here.

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Hi! We don’t have an “offline” feature yet. We’d like to do that down the line at some point, but we’d need to write an app and that will take some planning.

The downloads you have in your account are either items you have bought, or items we have released during the time you have been subscribed. As a kind of freebie incentive, when we put up a new interview, you get a free download copy of that if you are a current subscriber. It’s not quite the same thing as a offline feature which would work on any video for signal reception purposes as you’re pointing out.

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