Mesa/Boogie Triple Crown

It’s weird… I’ve long admired how other people sound through Mesa/Boogie amps, but have never bonded with one when trying them. It’s been that way for going on 20 years now. When it comes to feel, I’m more a Fender and Marshall guy.

Fast-forward to recently, and Mesa release perhaps their most British-inspired amp yet, the Triple Crown. Not only is it possible to start with the tone controls at noon and get decent sounds - try that on your Mark Five! - but it sounds and feels great! I absolutely love this thing! (well, ok, not the CabClone…) but the rest is awesome!

If you’ve always found Mesa amps to feel kind of stiff, give the Triple Crown a shot. Definitely try it through something closed-back with V30’s.

There’s also a 100-watt version out or coming out soon, and that one has channel-assignable power scaling.


I’m really liking the way the mark V 25 sounds. and that John Petrucci head is pretty ridiculous also man.

The trick to these things is put them in crunch channel with the IIc activated. Metallica’s “and justice for all” all day baby :bear:

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But how does the amp mute your bass player? :rofl:


The amp comes with a guy named Lars that’ll hop out the head and tell the producer to mute him. Buahahahahahahahah


Seen this?

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I don’t get why people are so fixated on this.

“I sold my ENGL because I couldn’t turn the gain up past 2”

“I don’t like the Mark V because I have to have the bass on 0”

“How did they sound?”

“Oh, they sounded amazing”


Echoing Hanky_Pooh: I love the Mark V:25, although I prefer the fat setting on the clean side and drive the gain with the guitar volume. Sounds great with piezo as well.

I’ll agree that you can’t just set everything to noon on a Mesa and expect it to sound like you want it to sound. Those heads just aren’t designed that way. For example the mid knob is not only a tone setting, but is also a mid-boost. It switches from a tone setting to a boost circuit at noon. And then you have a separate EQ, presence, etc. It is designed to be flexible to let you dial in your sound and if you take the time to do that, they are incredible amps.

I have a Blackstar and Suhr amp in addition to the Mark V:25. I play them all through a Bad Cat 2X12 and there is no comparison, in my opinion. The Mesa is better. If something happened to the Backstar/Suhr, I wouldn’t pay to replace them. I would replace the Mesa without thinking about it.

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I’m curious to try the Triple Crown. I’ve seen all the official videos, must be a nice and versatile amp. I’ve been playing a Dual Rectifier for a decade now and it works just great with my hard rock band, both sound wise and features. For some other musical situations the Recto is way too aggressive, so for a possible additional amp I need to decide between the Mark V35 and the Triple Crown. None of these are available in my local stores at the moment, so I’ll have to wait to put my hands on it:)

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Hi…if you liked the ch 3 high gain tones, the ch 2 can be set up about the same with a bit less gain. Each ch has a Tight/ normal switch. I keep mine on tight cause it has more gain and is more what I like. The TC is a wicked amp. I also researched YT clips before I bought it. Most, as you can see, suck. That’s not the amp’s fault. That’s tin-eared hacks who can’t dial a tone in. I like Mean Gene’s demo, although ch 2 is never going to substitute for a Marshall.

quick turn pcb assembly

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Me too, man. Mesas tend to have a sweet spot that differs from a Marshall-style amp, but even then “everything at noon” is a decent enough starting spot - the only real deviation for my lead sounds by more than an o’clock or two is the bass and presence, both of which I personally prefer set awfully low.

If you ever get a chance, plug into a Stiletto, preferably an Ace or Series II Deuce or Trident. Not the right amp for ME, personally, but if you want a modded Marshall sound, those things slay. Clean channel was to die for, too, oddly. Very Jimi.