Metal downstrokes

Hey guys! I, having a hard time with pm downstrokes i’ve tried several ways but i dont pass 16th at 90bpm and just a few measures.2 or 4 top i’ll try to post a video later but i’d like if you can share how is the motion i know there is some wrist extension involved in all the guys i’ve seen or i wonder if it just a matter of stamina anyway i’ll keep trying thanks

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If you just tap the guitar body with a pick, how fast can you go?

In general, we think that this is more of a coordination challenge than an endurance one

Yes i’ve thought about that but i guess it is like an inverted tap right? But how do you hold the pick? , i feel that is a little bit easier if you use a trailing edge grip

Going off of what Tommo said, I believe that most fast metal downpickers use a primarily flextension-based motion mechanic similar to the Di Meola-style 2:00 motion or EVH 1:00 motion (obviously it’s circular or oval-shaped, as the upstroke has to clear the string). Hetfield, for example, has form that looks like EVH’s 1:00 DSX mechanic, complete with three-finger grip and heavy supination. A similar mechanic can be achieved with outstretched fingers and maybe a large pick as well (disclaimer: I have big hands and this may not work if you don’t)-- I believe this is around what Matt Heafy of Trivium uses, and he has 80’s Hetfield level ability.

I believe @guitarenthusiast was also able to achieve very fast “downstrokes” with lightly supinated, thumb heel and pinky side of palm on bridge-type form as well, by basically doing, like, 12:30 motion on almost pure “outstrokes.”

What I’ve been able to do that I haven’t seen many others use is use a pronated form and 10 or 11:00 motion, which you can also do USX with, to achieve similar levels of speed. It’s like throwing a dart. I think this is similar to what Shawn Lane used, I think I remember @Tom_Gilroy and the man Troy himself talking about how this is probably what he used, and I can tremolo at 15ish notes per second using this mechanic as well, so I think that says that they’re onto something. I’m just getting into downpicking but I was able to easily play Creeping Death at album tempo after like three days.

This is something I’ve never been able to do, so very interested in what people are doing for fast downstrokes.
I can do fast upstrokes though…

Thanks man well right now im using the three finger grip with trailing edge grip as you say. This causes a more supinated fore arm position, but you see i use my strap higher than hetfield or evh so i dont know if that is an issue. And its wierd im sure there is something i’m misssing cause on day i can play like 8 measures at 90bpm without tension and i think well i’ m making progress but the next day i barely can play 3 or 4 measures and i don’t change the grip or position so its strange i dont know if the muscles get tired or what.

Regarding the throwing dart and knocking door motion i get the idea but when i apply it to pm changes you see when you “throw the dart”. The hand start its motion extended like 12:00 or 1:00 o clock. Oposite when you pick the string which starts the wrist flexed at 12:00 and is inverted thats what i meant with the “inverted throwing dart or knocking” because the first 16th starts flexed. And it seems a different movement