Mgła - Exercises in Futility VI [Guitar Cover]

Just exploring polish black metal stuff.
Also, this is the first I ever made without a mp3 in the background, so I had a tiny taste of mixing and mastering.

Lead and Rythm guitars quad tracked.

Had no bass, so recorded clean guitar and dropped an octave to give it at least some low end.


Cool, thanks for sharing! Sounds like a fun challenge. Let us know if there’s any particular feedback you’re looking for :slight_smile:

I’m mostly insecure about my playing, but also I am looking for any ways to improve my tone.
I am not really satisfied with it, I quad tracked guitars with ampsims of Peavey 5150 and some Marshall set to low gain and I think I should have used something else.

As there is no backing track, all guitars are actually mine. This means I had to mix and master everything, but I only had a crappy earphones and an old stereo to work with, so I’d like some feedback how it sounds for others.

In general, any feedback that would help me improve quality of my recordings, what can I do better.

Well done!
Mgla is a Great band too!

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