Microtonal EDM artist Sevish


Is anyone here familiar with an artist called Sevish? He’s a British EDM artist who I first became aware of when I was listening to a Dave Fiuczynski interview.

He fuses atmospheric drum n bass with microtonal scales to create something really amazing sounding.

His YouTube channel has loads of videos of his music on it and he has a microtonal podcast with some nerdy music theory talk.


Had not seen this before…very interesting! Some fun bits in this conversation e.g. talking about whether to put the names of the tunings in song names so listeners can know more about how each song is made, potential benefits of newfangled vertical keyboard inventions, etc.

I’m not a huge podcast listener personally, but I love that the medium has matured to the point where we’re seeing super niche nerdy podcasts being started on all kinds of topics now! This seems great for learning more about microtonal music.


While I am totally square and love the diatonic scale (12-TET for life!), there is some interesting microtonal stuff, like this, perhaps:


No please, I’m already struggling to keep my 12 notes in decent shape, don’t tell me there’s another 10 :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

But cool videogame-like sounds!


When most guitar players bend who knows what note is coming out! :rofl: Violin is worse!

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I’m not a big podcast lover either, I find some of them boring and I would much rather be listening to music.

The Sevish podcast really was interesting though, maybe beacuse, as you say, it’s a niche topic and one I’m interested in.

His music really is something else though. I have listened to some of Dave Fiuszynski’s mictrotonal music and am not a fan. I appreciate it takes an absolutely huge amount of effort to learn all that stuff though. You need to have an excellent ear too, especially if you’re a guitar player.

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If you’re interested in microtonal guitar music, there are two big names I have to mention.

The first are close to my heart - King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. Their album Flying Microtonal Banana features a guitar with 24 frets to the octave, among other instruments.

The other is Tolgahan Çoğulu, who has a bunch of stuff on his youtube channel involving guitars with additional and movable frets that he uses for his traditional style of music. The video below is a great example of his sound - I love it.

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I am subscribed to Tolgahan’s channel and I love his playing. Its sort of dissonant, but a pleasant dissonance.

I will check out your other recommendations.


I think that Arabic music is 24-TET, but I don’t listen to it.


Wanted to add this to the thread:

Extremely odd stuff, guy was a genius on another level.


Quite dissonant, but there is something tuneful about it. I like it in small doses.

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This is how the above guitar works,