Missing Person Alert

Morning all,

I have a problem…the Frank Gambale interview introduced me to the man…since then I have eating up his Chop Builder exercise’s…and doing research on him. Found the site for his school. Found the products. Attempted to buy one (actually a couple) and he does not have a payment gateway. Emailed contact information from site. Went to Face Book and left a message on his page; all to no avail. So my question is; “Does anyone know how one can purchase his products?” or " get in touch with him or his people?"

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Hey! Not sure who manages things for his school / products. You sent a note through this form? And you’re saying once you made an account on that site, it currently doesn’t seem to be possible to buy the products?

Assuming you’ve waited a couple days for a reply (in case they’re just unusually busy at the moment), there are a couple email addresses on this page you could try. I’d start with the customerservice one and maybe try the businessmanager one as a fallback: http://www.frankgambale.com/contact.htm