Mongolian heavy metal hits #1 on a Billboard chart

This is Mongolian heavy metal that apparently just hit #1 in the Billboard “Hard Rock Digital Sales Chart,” the singing is particularly interesting:


Yeah, that’s a type of throat singing. That’s cool that they are mixing their indigenous singing with metal styles.

You’d be surprised how metal has influenced many types of modern music. I am starting to see more and more high-distortion high-speed electric guitar in music ensembles, as it ads a very cool sound that no other instrument can.

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Here comes the most unuseful fact of the day: the bass player of Mr. Fastfinger band can do Mongolian throat singing. He’s done it on a Mr. FF’s record also.

Second fact is that the first few seconds of the video show Mongolian throat singing overtones, which are totally kosher.

Third fact is the mindblowing crazyness of someone being able to sing lyrics with throat technique! It should not be possible. What is going on?

Somewhere in the previous century I tried that throat singing thing and indeed it is possible to drop the voice somewhere between lungs and vocal chords, but what comes out is not singing.

The maximum you should be able to do is a throated note and mouthed overtone of that note. So you can sing a two note harmony (being very skilled), but not stuff like lyrics.

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