More on right hand / left hand balance

This is a point I have been making on and off here(the forum), and through different topics dealing with mastery of all kinds mental, emotional, physical, etc. I call it “trying to fix a problem with a problem”

The very “act” of expression(in this case fretting), is not an act at all but just the appearance of an action, unnoticed by the “doer” except as far as stamina. M. Friedman related that at one point with Mgdth his right hand was in real trouble and he was fortunate that it wasn’t permanent. Now he is an elite but lack of awareness of what it took to play with that kind of stamina was an issue even for him.

This what I have seen so far:

They way in which a note is produced can either be a springboard to fluid melodic line or it can be a self fulfilling prophecy of constant lack of fluidity due to the way the note or notes is attempted in the first place. This is not easy to accept for many people( not necessarily for you though), it means a big change in outlook for most.

So as has been said by this site more “work” could and probably would hinder that fluidity everyone(I imagine), is seeking all though their lives.

I thought this was important(not trying to talk down to you or anyone).


I really like the language here and it sums up a lot of what is going on, I don’t disagree. But how this translates into a clear set of understood and communicable ideas? If it seems to be more of an exploratory affair, then wouldn’t a wiki of sorts that contains all offerings of methods, thoughts and musings be a good fit? Then everyone can dig into the most appropriate posts for them (or all of them) and hopefully, the things that make a difference for them would bubble up to the surface?

Just noticed @Brendan reply to @tommo’s
Suggestion - could be a good start…