More revelations since office hours

Ok, good things are happening to me and I will try and understand what:

  1. My lesson with Troy made me very consious about the connection points in the palm, and also my wrist position - so I started out every session by calibrating that. (I actually practised in front of my computers webcam onscreen for 2 weeks)
  2. The first I noticed was that it felt weird, but I knew from before that this would over time “become second nature”.
  3. The #1 difference was the pickstroke that felt a little, hum, “stuck” which made me ease up on the amount of pick, simply by adjusting my grip to be somewhat similar to Troys default grip seen in many videos. (a little more open that the tightest grip and approx half the pick sticking out, I use jazz XL)
  4. This made my wrist bend a little backwards, away from my earlier slightly flexed position which in turn made my wrist able to work more freely and faster and my arm became relaxed.
  5. Somewhere in all these different variables, my default angle/slant became closer to neutral than the before quite aggressive dwps, my 2wps became accessible quicker and stuff opened up that I’ve never been able to play before. 120-125 bpm stacked descending 6tuplet licks like “technical difficulties” works everytime insted of just occasionally. My technique has become reliable, and that’s sooooo rewarding!
  6. I’ve increased in accuracy, speed and best of all: it’s smooth - it feels natural and does not fight back…

Thanks, will return with some filming for some evaluation…