Morse and Gilbert jamming at NAMM 2020

I know Morse is a beast, and Paul Gilbert is Paul Gilbert, but this video made me really think I need to pay better attention to whatever Morse has been recording lately…


Longer take from another angle. At 11m50s Paul kids about playing Birds of Fire by Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Steve actually starts into it for a few seconds before they switch to Pictures of Home by Deep Purple:


I love Steve’s bending in this :grin:. I feel this video shows the difference in their picking and note attack so well, Paul is shredding the notes and Steve slapping those notes.

Steve’s index finger shredding is really amazing too, he got arthritis in his wrist right? And has adapted to the index n elbow. It’s like a floating elbow move but he is so accurate with it!

I was surprised to see his elbow shredding. Is this a new thing? I’ve not really seen much over the last few years but I don’t remember seeing him play like that before

He is doing it because his normal picking is hurting his wrist I believe.
He has arthritis in it apparently. Now is that due to his technique? Or is it just what woulda happened anyway?

Evh never had this issue as far as I’m aware?

There is his own explanation here:


I also see Paul using the middle finger for some of the rythem playing. Didn’t Paul say something about the middle finger technique stressing his hand to much?

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I been talking about struggling with sweeping middle finger recently but look at Steve’s sweeps, Maybe I should just try harder lol. What an outro.

Is he not using his index when sweeping there? It’s hard to tell. In the article, he said he had to switch from a two finger grip, to one finger. I thought he meant he switched to his index, but maybe not…

I see him alternate picking and then blending into sweep picking, same middle grip. When he uses index you can see the back of his hand and knuckles. I think he is using middle in those sweeps

This is the index

You can see a big difference


Ah cool, well spotted.
Fair play to him for making those changes to save wrist pain, or at least as much as possible.
Can’t have been an easy job!

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