Most common scales


Im working on moving chunks of 6 notes on two strings ascending and descending. Alt picking

Im using the common 3nps major/shapes because im sure I will get lots of future mileage.

Im going to assume after that I would want some harmonic minor.

I also use pentatonic of course

Im looking fall into scorps, slash with a hit of that harmonic minor.

Is there another scale I should be thinking about.

As far as modes go they are already covered in the major shapes

Im more talking about exotic but fairly heavily used.
Like diminished etc


like 99% of that is going to be covered by natural minor, dorian, harmonic minor, and then of course adding the b5 note

with Slash you will get a little of the major/minor blues thing maybe

on occasion maybe a diminished run or a nice chromatic ascending lick

VH would do symmetrical stuff some


Ahhh, good call I forgot about Eddie.
Defo need to go investigate some of his stuff now that I have some understanding


as far as the top 3 strings he often used what you might call a ‘Dorian blues’ fingering…very convenient symmetrical

tons of guys have VH themed channels etc


I actually bought those play like Eddie vids years back but lost them