Most detailed Technique Update to Date

Hey guys. Here’s a super in depth look at what I can currently do. The main goal is to get my crosspicking free, fluid accurate and gnarly fast. So I’ve recorded all of the current texhniques I can do well and the crosspicking as it currently is while I continue to struggle and develop it to be where the rest of my picking is. All other picking techniques are a tiny bit rusty because I’m not spending much time on them until I can crosspick the way I want to. Ideally i’d like to just be able to pick everything in a supinated position without swiping on downstrokes. Anyways enough babbling.

2WPS 3nps PG/MAB Lick Pronated position. The Pronation forces me to use forearm rotation to get the single upstroke on the adjacent string without swiping. It also makes muting extremely difficult to palm mute. Palm muting in this position requires me to extend the pinky like Jason Becker. This is not ideal for crosspicking at high speeds imo but I haven’t spent a ton of time on itas I’ve just discovered how to mute with pronation for myself.

Here it is on clean.

Here I attempt to demonstrate a jason Becker/Josh Christian style of palm muteing with a pronated DSX position. Please ignore the Zeta Gundam playing in the background

Here is the 2WPS Pronated movement in slowmo. Sometimes I swipe on the upstrokes sometimes I don’t. towards the end there’s some on the JB/JC pronated muting from the previous video.

Here’s the USX version ins Supinated position starting on an Upstroke because I cannot get the Andy Wood 9-3 motion.

Here that is in slowmo.

Here’s showing my ability to USX 2NPS in a supinated position

Here’s the slowmo.

Here’s the DSX Pronated version. Don’t care much for it cause I can’t mute it. But I could easily get it as comfortable as it’s USX counterpart.

Here’s the slowmo(skip to 1:16ish)

Here’s my dookie crosspicking. Just can’t figure it out.

Here’s the slowmo.


4 Notes Bass side and 6 Notes all strings:

Lastly here’s fiddling around with Roy Marchbank/EVH tremolo technique testing for top speed.

and here’s the same trying to play multiple notes on 1 string.

I hope this gives enough incite to help me find the golden nugget that i need to complete the puzzle for crosspicking so I can sleep better at night and finally have full creative freedom without feeling hindered by technique. I want to develop a supinated technique that allows me to crosspick/alternate pick any pattern and allows me to also mute as I want to without having to drastically alter the position. Thank you all for the support and I hope this isn’t too much. I just am obsessed and i figure the more detail I can give the better and more accurate advice I can get. Much love dudes!

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Can you post a video of a specific line that you’re trying to play? All these videos are great as benchmarks, but IMO it’s hard to give pointed feedback unless we see an isolated phrase that’s giving you difficulties.

The pattern at about 32 seconds in your cross picking clip sounded the best, probably just need to work the kinks out for a while to develop that technique.

Also if you know what you want (“supinated technique that allows me to crosspick/alternate pick any pattern and allows me to also mute as I want to without having to drastically alter the position”), why are you working pronation? Maybe I don’t know enough about the similarities / differences in these techniques, but it seems like you’re going in different directions at once.

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I’m not working on pronating I can just do it lol. I developed to this level of skill using a pronated(Thumb side anchor). Last thread, which was specifically about crosspicking I was told it was too hoppy. Although it feels the same as my supinated position I use for Tech DM. Which was also depicted in that thread. Than I was asked for an USX specific lick and few other things. It got buried. So instead of bumping the thread I figured I’d just make a new one that covers literally every detail of every technique that I can do in hopes of finding some sort of resolution to the crosspicking dilemma. It also demonstrates that I can indeed USX and DSX easily. The problem is STRICTLY crosspicking at this point.

It sounds like you have already identified some of the problems yourself (unwanted swiping, other things) that you’d have to work on to build your crosspicking. I would guess that at this point it’s really just getting mileage on the technique and seeing how you fare after a few weeks of focused practice.

Do you think that there’s a cue / technique “secret” that you’re missing that would make it click?

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I’ve been grinding cross[picking for like 6 years now and I still don’t have it so perhaps.

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Just from my experience / opinion, it’s a hard technique to develop (if we’re talking essentially alternate picking 1NPS across multiple strings). I think I do DBX / DSX for lead stuff and USX for rhythm and feel like I have a decent handle on it, yet crosspicking adds a few more challenges to address (for me I feel like it’s tracking multiple strings quickly) and I honestly haven’t tried to develop it. Considering how I haven’t seen too many people do it cleanly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it just takes a long time of specific practice (6 years as you said is a while, but maybe that’s the norm / not enough?).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that it seems hard, and maybe you just need to work on it more!

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