Music education and graded certification


Just wondering if there’s anyone here who has taken up any graded certification like Trinity Rock and Pop/Rockschool/ABRSM or has been to school to study as music as a major.

I’ve achieved a Grade 8 merit (I was this close to getting a distinction) in Guitar with Trinity Rock and Pop, and am considering doing a teaching diploma with RockSchool. But I’m not sure if it’s worth getting since music schools where i am usually accept it if you have the experience or if you’re from a recognised board, like MI or Berklee. Trinity’s recognised too but not as much?

I dunno…I’m just having mixed feelings since I heard that one of the schools that I went to interview for hired a guy from Berklee instead :confused: I mean, I’ve heard of people with the same certification like me land sweet guitar/music instructor jobs and as much as I wanna get the experience I hardly have the time to go out and teach due to work.

Would like to hear your thoughts and perspectives on this topic :slight_smile: